Summit 2011: Taking Student Success to the Next Level

Each year the District Administration and District Academic Senate co-host a Summit to which each of our colleges send a team of 15 faculty and administrators for a day of dialogue and interactivity focused on a strategic theme for the new academic year.  This year’s summit is designed to emphasize the significant commitment we are making to student success and completion through our Achieving the Dream (AtD) Initiative

Keynote Presentation

As you know, Achieving the Dream is a national effort among community colleges committed to improving student success, especially among low-income students and students of color.

Northern Essex Community College is a mid-sized college in northeast Massachusetts. It is the only recognized Title V (Hispanic Serving Institution) in New England, with a large population of first generation, low-income, and minority students. It began its AtD journey as a “Round Four” college in 2007 and is now entering its fifth and final year of grant implementation. The college has achieved some significant changes in student success, institutional policies, leadership, and faculty and staff engagement (for examples, click on image below to view the NECC AtD website).


In this presentation, NECC Vice President Bill Heineman and Professor Rick Lizotte, who have led the college’s Achieving the Dream work for the last four years, will share how they got started, what has worked, what has changed, and what lies ahead.

Please come ready for some hands-on activity and dialogue with your colleagues.

Bill Heineman has worked at Northern Essex Community College since 1996 as an adjunct and full-time faculty member in the History and Government Department, department chair, program coordinator, assistant dean, dean, and since July 1, 2011 Vice President of Academic Affairs.  He recently completed his doctorate in education in higher education administration from the University of Massachusetts Boston.  His dissertation examined the use of data in community college decision making about distance education.  He also holds a Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School and a BA in history from the University of Rochester.  He has taught at several other colleges in New England and prior to his work at NECC was an intelligence analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency for six years.


Rick Lizotte has worked at Northern Essex Community College since 1985 as an adjunct and full-time faculty member in the Department of Academic Preparation in the ESL Curriculum. He has also worked as an instructional designer and faculty coach in the Center for Instructional Technology for the last ten years, helping faculty members to put their courses online and to use technology in the classroom. Before this, he worked on one NSF project investigating real-world applications in math instruction, and two FIPSE projects investigating the proper use of technology and interactive activities in classroom teaching.  He has a BA from Boston College and  Master’s and Doctorate in Linguistics from Brown University.

Strategic Planning Interactive Exercise

Susanne Meadley and colleagues from Mind Spa Group, which has over twenty years experience in strategic planning, will lead us in a SWOT analysis of the district as we prepare to write our strategic plan for 2012-2017. What strengths can we build on and enhance? What weaknesses should we focus on? What opportunities should we explore? What are the key threats we face? Yasmin Delahoussaye, Vice Chancellor, Educational Programs and Institutional Effectiveness will host this session.


A. Achieving the Dream: A Practice and Policy Tool Kit

Join our keynote presenters, Bill Heineman and Rick Lizotte, as they demonstrate how to use a practice and policy checklist adapted from AtD. They will detail how these tools can ensure broad engagement across the campus community and lead to significant improvements in support of student success.

B. Exit Points: Tools for Planning and Decision Making

District researchers Maury Pearl, Sarah Master, and Ryan Cornner will focus on the use of milestones for student success, as well as the use of data to identify exit points and gaps in student achievement. In addition, they will show ways to access reports available through the AtD website as an additional means to identify and analyze student success.


C. Changing How We Think and Operate: Southwest’s Lessons from Year One with Achieving the Dream

It’s not a project—it’s how we do business. A team from Southwest College, Jack Daniels, Patrick Jefferson, and Sabrena Turner-Odom, will discuss their AtD experience from planning to implementation. The session will highlight the successes and challenges at Southwest and touch on the strategies being implemented this year.  


D. Building Stronger Systems for SLO and Program Review: Lessons from the BRIC Initiative

Last year Research and Planning Group teams worked with a dozen California community colleges to strengthen their ability to gather meaningful evidence and use it to guide their student success efforts. How can we make our information systems like SLO’s and program review more authentic, relevant, and sustainable? What can we learn from other colleges? This session, featuring two members of the RP advising teams, Julianna Barnes and Greg Stoup, will share what they learned.

E. Student Success Initiative High Impact Practices Roundtable

Since the launching of the Student Success Initiative several years ago, a number of new programs have been developed across the district. This breakout will highlight four of the most innovative and low-cost efforts by sharing key elements of each program along with discussion of how the features that make them both scalable and sustainable. These programs are: Pierce College’s ASAP  and Statway math success programs; LATTC’s TBA Introduction to College Success Orientation Program; and LACCD’s Faculty Teaching and Learning Academy. Please join Professors Jah’shams Abdul-Mu’min, Maryanne Galindo, Bob Martinez, Allison Tom-Miura, Bradley Vaden, Scott Weigand, Bruce Yoshiwara, and Kathy Yoshiwara.

F. The Future of Textbooks: Open Educational Resources 

The 20 Million Minds Foundation is dedicated to significantly reducing textbook costs by leveraging leading edge technologies to create affordable, engaging materials for California community college students. Join Foundation Director Dean Florez, his associate Phil Kim, and Professor Barbara Illowsky of De Anza College as they discuss digital innovation in higher education.

H. Grant Opportunities (morning session only)

The college presidents and AtD team leaders are invited to a session with Felice Densa from the Los Angeles Community College District Foundation. The foundation has plans to hire grant writers to write implementation grants for all nine colleges for Year Two and Three of the Achieving the Dream Initiative. Colleges should bring a copy of their AtD work plans to this session.


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