Student Success Initiative Meeting – Dec 2, 2011

SSI Agenda 12/2/11


BSI/3CSN/LA Regional Network – new cohorted data tool demonstration.  Sponsorship for FTLA with focus on RA.

Review of and action items for work related to SSI Strategic Goals 2011/12:

  1. Aligning our SSI efforts with AtD, including the mapping of a systemic student success agenda integrated with other significant initiatives such as accreditation, strategic planning, and student learning outcomes—with the overarching goal of improving learning and student achievement of educational goals;
  2. Focusing on the front door—following up our first-year pathway taskforce recommendations by creating frameworks for scaling effective orientation and assessment;
  3. Creating, supporting and providing resources for effective models to accelerate student completion of developmental sequences in math, English, and ESL;
  4. Developing and scaling user-friendly data tools that will inform and drive efforts to close achievement gaps across the LACCD;
  5. Increasing opportunities to engage in robust professional development, including FTLA, focused on aligning and promoting our student success agenda

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