The LACCD Student Success Initiative (SSI) works to improve student learning and student educational outcomes across the District.

LACCD District SSI Steering Committee (SSISC)

Established in 2006 as a joint effort of the District administration and the District Academic Senate, the Student Success Initiative Steering Committee (SSISC) is charged with coordinating district-wide and college student success committee efforts to improve all student success outcomes, including student persistence and degree and certificate completion rates.  The SSI Steering Committee also facilitates the sharing of best practices across the district by fostering an on-going district-wide dialogue on student learning and student success. SSI leads several initiatives focused on innovations in teaching and learning, including the Faculty Teaching and Learning Academy.


Faculty Teaching and Learning Academy (FTLA)

The LACCD Faculty Teaching and Learning Academy, founded by the Student Success Initiative, is a joint effort between the District administration and the District Academic Senate to foster the highest standards of teaching and learning scholarship and to encourage the development of institutional cultures and environments that are learning-centered and technologically advanced.

The FTLA is designed to develop a widening community of faculty who:

  • Explore and test methods of teaching and learning
  • Facilitate the design of new classroom approaches to student success
  • Increase knowledge and skills in a variety of new learning technologies
  • Contribute to an ongoing dialogue about pedagogy, curriculum, and technology
  • Form strategic partnerships that advance learning-centered practices and encourage and reward innovation in teaching and learning

The work of the FTLA has been presented at several prominent conferences, including the Annual Strengthening Student Success Conference. FTLA has also been asked to provide in-service professional development at several California Community College campuses, including Fresno City, Norco, and Mt. San Antonio Colleges. Additionally, the ACCJC awarded the District a commendation recognizing the contributions of the FTLA to improving institutional effectiveness and strengthening student success efforts in 2010.

To learn more about the FTLA curriculum, including videos and interactive activities, please visit the website:

The Framework for Student Success

This document outlines a strategic framework for improving preparatory instruction and student achievement in the Los Angeles Community College District. The recommendations contained here emerged over many years during committee meetings and workshops related to the Los Angeles Community College District’s on-going Student Success Initiative and during discussions related to District participation in the Basic Skills Self Assessment pilot project. 

To view The Framework for Student Success, click here: The Framework Presentation

Basic Skills Initiative (3CSN)

In 2009, the LACCD became the administrator of the five-year statewide ESL/Basic Skills Professional Development Grant, partnering with many statewide leaders to offer community colleges in California opportunities to strengthen their delivery of essential skills strategies to students across the state. Known as 3CSN–California Community Colleges Success Network–the Grant  spotlights key momentum points where community colleges lose large numbers of students before they reach a longer-term goal (transfer, degrees, certificates):

  • Many students don’t return after their first semester
  • Others fall away inside long course sequences in ESL or developmental English and Math
  • Others establish a foothold at the college but then are lost on the path toward transfer

Community colleges across California are invited to join 3CSN in a process of INQUIRY and ACTION to increase the numbers of students making it through each momentum point.

Information on statewide grant activities can be found at

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