Persistence Inquiry Project (PIP)

PIP logo

This SSI-sponsored activity is entitled the Persistence Inquiry Project (PIP) and is designed to align with the AtD Implementation plans in progress across the district. PIP seeks to:

  • Provide on-site explorations of nearby First Year college success programs that have been taken to scale (the first such site visit, a field trip to Pasadena City College, will take place on November 16, 2012)
  • Enable cross-district conversations on having a common language to talk about persistence and completion
  • Create campus teams to complete a Literature Review on student persistence and completion in the first year, a self-evaluation of campus strengths and weaknesses in this area, short term recommendations that can be accomplished in 1-3 years, and long term recommendations to be completed in 3-6 years
  • Monitor presentations to local campus committees on key findings
  • Schedule and organize presentations for a district-wide share-out during a summit (March AtD Summit)
  • Schedule and organize presentations of each campus’s PIP plan first to the SSISC and finally to the Board of Trustees
  • Make appropriate recommendations to shared governance committees and the Board regarding policies and procedures related to first year persistence





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